How are the pieces made?

All my pieces are made in ceramics, handmade by me. Then they are put in the kiln at 1050 to 1200 degrees. There is always a glaze on top of the paintings.

Are pieces food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe?

Always food safe, unless specified otherwise, and microwave as well. I  have already put some of my pieces in the dishwasher and there was no problem, but I can easily replace my pieces and you may not have that possibility! I recommend always washing by hand.

What are the sizes of each piece?

Each piece has the approximate sizes in the description. It is impossible to be the same in all pieces, because they are unique.

Do you accept returns?

No. The only refund I can give you is if, on the day you receive the item, it arrives broken or damaged. In that case, the person has to send an email to [email protected] with photos.

Is internacional shipping available? Yes. It is. How can you make sure your packaging is safe? I always spend a lot of time packing each item, with all possible care. All my items are wrapped in bubble paper, then tissue paper, and go in little boxes. So it's safe.

Can you explain the shipping process?

As soon as a person buys a item, I take care of the packing very carefully. In the following days I take it to the post office and put the package through registered mail, so it is possible to access the tracking of the items. I am not responsible for taxes and import duties.